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Many thanks to Sharon Hope for her hard work assembling an excellent collect of resource documents. The document includes a detailed Table of Contents, Introduction, Statin Study overview, adverse effects reporting information and FAQ's people might have when suffering from statin side effects.

FAQ: Statin Adverse Effects

And 'hot off the press' a [NEW] article written by Sharon Hope ~ October 9, 2007

Statin Associated Memory Loss ~ One Mechanism Identified (WORD)
Statin Associated Memory Loss ~ One Mechanism Identified (PDF)

Thank you Shan for your informative document containing numerous links discussing magnesium chloride, its various health benefits and transdermal application.

Magnesium URL's [NEW]

Thanks again Sharon & Shan,
Fran - Stopped Our Statins Yahoo! Health Group Owner

PDF Documents

Betaine Alleviates Hepatotoxic Risk of Niacin Therapy

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy - Heart Failure

Cardiovascular & All-Cause Mortality - Women

Cholesterol Lowering Drugs - Shane Ellison

Cholesterol-lowering effects of Red Yeast Rice

CNS Limb Defects FULL TEXT NEJM 06/04

Cocoa Powder increases Insulin

CoQ10 & Statin Drugs

Coronary Heart Disease - Postmenopausal Women

Diabetic Type 1 - Vitamin E & Atorvastatin

Diet - High Carb vs. High Fat

Diet - High Linoleic Acid - Increases Oxidative Stress

Diet - Ketogenic - Antidepressant Properties

Diet - Saturated vs. Unsaturated Fatty Acids

Diet - Western - Health Implications

Dietary Guidelines - Cardiovascular Risk

Evolutionary Health

Fish Oils & Cancer

Folic Acid & Carotenoids Deficiency - Coronary Disease Link

Food Guide Pyramid - Defects Corrected

Helicobacter pylori Eradication - Platelet Activation

Homocysteine - Alzheimer Link

Homocysteine - Coronary Heart Diseases Risk Factor

Homocysteine - Coronary Stenting for unstable Angina

Homocysteine - Folic Acid and B12 Deficiency

Homocysteine - Vascular Disease Risk Factor

Homocysteine & Stroke

Homocysteine & Stroke - Comments

Insulin & Incretin Response to Grain Products

Insulin Resistance Syndrome

Ischemic Heart Disease as Deficiency Disease

Linolenic Acid Metabolism - Men & Women

Neuromuscular Disorders Following Statin Treatment 

Omega 3 - Atrial Fibrillation & Flutter

Omega 3 - Omega 6 - Seizure Management

OSBP [Oxysterol-binding protein]  ~ Lipid Metabolism

Physical Activity - Inflammatory & Coagulation Markers

Polyphenols of Red Wine - Green Tea

Pregnancy Outcomes MERCK - 11/05  

Rice Bran Oil Lowers Cholesterol

Serum Lipids - Effects of Cheese & Butter

Statins - Atherosclerosis

Statins - Biphasic Effects on Angiogenesis

Statins - Biphasic Effects on Angiogenesis - Letter

Statins - Birth Defects Abstract 12/15/2004  

Statins - Birth Defects - March of Dimes Alert  

Statins - CRP

Statins - LDL - CRP - Coronary Artery Disease

Statins - Lovastatin - Cognitive Function

Statins - Simvastatin - Cognitive Function

Statins - Survival Outcome - Elderly Patients - Heart Failure

Statins - Withdrawal

Statins & Alzheimer's Disease

Vitamin D - Letter

Vitamin D - Physiologic Features

Vitamin D - Sunlight - Cardiovascular Disease






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